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Our house rules

Dear guests / fitters!

Our accommodation should be a home for you.

You, your colleagues, employees and our other guests should always feel comfortable with us!
We ask you to adhere to the following small rules.


In general, please note:

If you should miss something in our accommodation, something should be improved or if we can be of any help, just let us know. We're here to help. Please handle the facility with care, so that the next guests can benefit from it and feel comfortable.


Should you incur any damage to the facility, please let us know immediately. Such things can usually be clarified quickly and easily via liability insurance.


Please ensure that your acquaintances, colleagues or employees also adhere to these small house rules.


The kitchen:

We ask you to wash used crockery, cutlery or pots and pans immediately after use, so that the next user will always find clean crockery, cutlery or pots and pans.

IMPORTANT - Waste separation:

Please separate your rubbish carefully into the designated containers. A description can be found in the hallway.  



We ask that you only smoke outside. Smoking is not permitted in our fitter accommodation.

The bathroom:

The bathroom is cleaned regularly. Please be sure to open the windows after showering!

Please do not dispose of leftovers in the toilet.


Our rest times / lunch times:

So that you and your colleagues can go to work fit and well rested tomorrow, the night rest period is from 9:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. and the midday rest period is from 12:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Your duty of care:

Please close all windows and doors and turn down the heating before you leave your accommodation.

Please also ensure that all lights and the stove/oven are switched off.



The landlord is not liable for valuables and cloakroom.



As a tenant, you will receive a key from us. If the key is lost, the entire locking system must be replaced. The costs are to be borne by the polluter!



Please only use designated/public parking spaces and pay attention to the parking times if necessary. The general traffic regulations apply in the car park. We are not liable for damage to your vehicle.



The provision of the hotspot depends on our respective technical and operational possibilities. There is no entitlement to a functioning hotspot or a specific local coverage of the hotspot. Furthermore, we do not guarantee that the hotspot can be used without disruption or interruptions. We also cannot guarantee transmission speeds.
We reserve the right to change, restrict or discontinue access to the hotspot in the event of necessary technical repair and maintenance work without prior notice.
By using our WiFi, you accept the terms of use.
You are required to comply with applicable laws when using our hotspot.


Persons not booked in the hotel are only permitted access to the rooms after prior registration at the reception. The hotel and its employees can refuse access in individual cases. In the event of a violation, a house ban can be imposed on both the visitors and the guest.



Celebrations, excessive alcohol consumption, drug use are prohibited.



Our cleaning staff clean the kitchens and bathrooms from Monday to Friday. We reserve the right for our cleaning staff to enter your room, for example to change the bed linen, clean the windows, check the smoke detectors or similar. You have the option of ordering an interim cleaning for your room. If necessary, please hang the cleaning sign on the outside of your doorknob. For an intermediate cleaning we charge 5 euros extra.

Electronic equipment:
The use of electrical devices brought along, such as kettles, hotplates, grills, music systems or similar is not permitted. Violations and the resulting damage in the room will be charged to the guest in full.

In case of fire:
In the event of a fire, we ask that you refer to the evacuation plan that is on the inside of your room door.

Please read the posted fire prevention instructions carefully and follow the rules in the event of an emergency.

The hotel expressly accepts no liability for the loss of valuables (especially jewellery, cash, laptops, mobile phones).



Persons who violate the house rules can be denied further stay and possibly banned from the house.  We reserve the right to charge for any damage, additional work and failure.

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